All greenslips now show the MCIS (Medical Care and Injury Services) Levy as a separate item. The MCIS Levy first appeared as a separate item on greenslips in 2006 with the introduction of the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme. This scheme provides medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, attendant care and support to anyone catastrophically injured (such as severe spinal cord and/or a traumatic brain injury) for the rest of their life.
The MCIS Levy also includes a contribution for ambulance, hospital and other services for people injured in a motor vehicle accident. These costs have always been included in your greenslip premium, but were not listed as a separate item in the past. The MCIS Levy is calculated as a percentage of the base premium charged by the greenslip insurer. The MCIS Levy is GST free.
The percentage of the levy differs between vehicle classes and geographic zones based on accident and injury rates for the selected vehicle type and zone. The following table shows the MCIS levy in each zone for the three common vehicle types.
Region Class Of Vehicle Levy
Metro 1 Sedan, Wagon, Etc 16.83%
Outer Metro 1 Sedan, Wagon, Etc 20.69%
Newcastle 1 Sedan, Wagon, Etc 22.67%
Wollongong 1 Sedan, Wagon, Etc 20.16%
Country 1 Sedan, Wagon, Etc 23.42%
Metro 10d Motorcycle <226cc 27.68%
Outer Metro 10d Motorcycle <226cc 29.87%
Newcastle 10d Motorcycle <226cc 29.87%
Wollongong 10d Motorcycle <226cc 30.91%
Country 10d Motorcycle <226cc 29.98%
Metro 10e Motorcycle <726cc 34.37%
Outer Metro 10e Motorcycle <726cc 37.93%
Newcastle 10e Motorcycle <726cc 38.72%
Wollongong 10e Motorcycle <726cc 38.89%
Country 10e Motorcycle <726cc 37.86%
Metro 10f Motorcycle <1126cc 35.88%
Outer Metro 10f Motorcycle <1126cc 42.41%
Newcastle 10f Motorcycle <1126cc 40.72%
Wollongong 10f Motorcycle <1126cc 40.88%
Country 10f Motorcycle <1126cc 42.53%
Metro 10g Motorcycle <1326cc 25.76%
Outer Metro 10g Motorcycle <1326cc 34.83%
Newcastle 10g Motorcycle <1326cc 32.74%
Wollongong 10g Motorcycle <1326cc 33.19%
Country 10g Motorcycle <1326cc 32.16%
Metro 10h Motorcycle >1325cc 30.02%
Outer Metro 10h Motorcycle >1325cc 38.51%
Newcastle 10h Motorcycle >1325cc 36.30%
Wollongong 10h Motorcycle >1325cc 36.49%
Country 10h Motorcycle >1325cc 36.65%
Metro 3c Trucks <4.5T GVM 23.94%
Outer Metro 3c Trucks <4.5T GVM 23.96%
Newcastle 3c Trucks <4.5T GVM 23.08%
Wollongong 3c Trucks <4.5T GVM 21.54%
Country 3c Trucks <4.5T GVM 25.74%
Metro 3d Trucks <16T GVM 0.00%
Outer Metro 3d Trucks <16T GVM 1.93%
Newcastle 3d Trucks <16T GVM 1.30%
Wollongong 3d Trucks <16T GVM 1.30%
Country 3d Trucks <16T GVM 14.62%
Metro 3e Trucks >16T GVM 1.33%
Outer Metro 3e Trucks >16T GVM 2.37%
Newcastle 3e Trucks >16T GVM 1.79%
Wollongong 3e Trucks >16T GVM 1.79%
Country 3e Trucks >16T GVM 4.81%