What is a Greenslip

A greenslip is an insurance policy linked to your vehicle that provides cover for compulsory third party (CTP) personal injury insurance when you or the person driving your vehicle is the driver at fault in an accident, and in certain circumstances regardless of who was at fault.

Greenslip insurance is compulsory, and must be taken out when registering a motor vehicle. Wherever you live in New South Wales, your greenslip will only cover your vehicle if it is registered. Otherwise you may be personally liable for any injuries you cause in a motor vehicle accident.

Presently the greenslips in NSW is offered by six insurers. This gives the vehicle owners options to compare greenslips prices and determine which insurer can offer the best price.

Australia wide, 24 hours a day, your greenslip insurance covers:

- Your passengers

- Other road users, such as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and pillion passengers

- Injuries caused through the use of a trailer

It does not cover:

- Damage to property or other vehicles
*If you would like to be covered in the event of damage to vehicles and/or property, you can always choose to have comprehensive insurance that will cover what your greenslip does not.

Improvements made to the greenslip scheme since October 2006 provide even greater protection and benefits in certain circumstances regardless of who was at fault. These improvements include:
- a special children’s benefit that means all children injured in car accidents in NSW receive the necessary treatment, rehabilitation and care to assist in their recovery, regardless of who was at fault.

- introduction of the Lifetime Care and Support scheme that provides medical care, treatment, rehabilitation, attendant care and support to anyone catastrophically injured (such as severe spinal cord and/or a traumatic brain injury) in a motor vehicle accident for the rest of their life.

- coverage for people injured in motor accidents where no one is considered to have been at fault including accidents caused by a driver suffering a sudden illness, such as a heart attack or stroke or accidents caused by an unexplained mechanical or vehicle failure.

CTP and Public Liability insurance

The Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 expressly prescribes the terms and scope of cover of a New South Wales CTP (greenslip) policy, so policy coverage is the same across New South Wales regardless of the insurer. This is not the case with public liability insurance policies as the terms and scope of the policy may vary between insurers. The Motor Accidents Authority recommends people holding both public liability and greenslip insurance contact their public liability broker/insurer to confirm that there is no gap in their public liability cover for incidents involving motor vehicles, that are not included in their greenslip cover.