When the NSW government proposed and pushed through this this significant infrastructure development, we're not too sure they were prepared for what was to follow. What was meant to be an expansion of the roads system, linking Sydney’s west and inner west to the CBD in streamlined fashion, has since become a saga that could rival Star Wars!

The plan to connect Sydney’s west to the CBD will soon be very much underway, yet still issues and protests continue to emerge. Previous arguments have discussed how it will impact suburbs and their local streets, such as suburbs in the inner west. They argued that many, rather than paying the proposed toll, would simply flood their local street and cause massive problems for those living in the areas.

Now the more recent two issues has been to do with money and congestion. Firstly it came out last week that the Channel Tunnel, which is the tunnel that connects England with France, cost less to develop than the proposed budget for the WestConnex. Many are outraged by this as it seems inconceivable that a development linking a CBD to our suburbs could cost more than one that links two countries!

The issue of congestion has again been raised in recent weeks, after a report from Leichardt council showed that there were four reasons as to why the WestConnex would congest inner west suburbs. One of the reasons was previously mentioned, yet another has only been recently revealed. The NSW government has proposed that they will cut Parramatta down a further lane, so as to cater for another transport lane in certain areas. One citizen of the inner west stated “what about those in the inner west who won’t need to use the WestConnex? Are they telling us, just because we don’t need their new road we have to suffer the already congested Parramatta Road.”

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