It’s a strange thing to read, that’s for sure, but a recent move from the NSW government could see us saying a big thank you to all those careless drivers out there. Of course we are not talking drivers that cause massive incidents on our roads! No, we are talking about those silly drivers who though they would go 10km over the speed limit in front of a speed camera.

So why are we saying thank you again? Well, due to a decision by the NSW government, hundreds of millions of dollars raised through safety cameras and other fines will be put toward increasing on road safety. That’s right, the NSW government has finally decided that the revenue raised by unsafe driving, needs to go into stopping unsafe driving!

When asked about the initiative, Phil Lemieux of Marillion Insurance Brokers had the following to say:

"This initiative, should it continue, will see massive amounts of money continue to be put into on road safety. This is due to the increase in revenue in 2015, with the majority coming from safety cameras. This money couldn’t come a moment too soon either, with 2016 already proving to be a disappointing year for road safety. We sadly have not learned enough from last year’s road toll. Therefore, the government hopes to get on top of this year early and stop it from getting out of control.

This initiative by the NSW government is exactly what the state needs! This year has not been a good start for road safety and this needs further investment and should be addressed immediately. We need road safety to be enhanced for obvious reasons. We also need to maintain road safety to avoid being over charged on other necessities like CTP greenslip insurance! To provide the public with cheap greenslips, insurers need to know that NSW drivers can practice safe driving. If we are to keep greenslip prices down, might I suggest unsafe drivers out there keep their speed down as well?"

Here at, we believe that every driver should be safe and protected on the roads. This is why we are encouraging all drivers to look into their current CTP greenslip policy. It is important that NSW drivers know what they are covered for, in the chance they are involved in a serious incident. If you wish to know more about greenslips and what CTP insurance provides for you, please visit our article on the matter. If you do require a cheap, effective and reliable greenslip. Please use our ‘greenslip calculator’. This will provide you with the right greenslip for you.

Again we urge drivers to be aware of the correct road safety practices.

Should you require any further assistance with your CTP greenslip, please don’t hesitate to call us on 02 80999 1091 and we will gladly answer and questions or requests.