Today we live in a fast paced world, where phones go out of fashion faster than clothes! A world where you can sync your devices to your phones, television and wrists. We have grown accustomed to this and constantly need more and more technology. That’s why car companies are on board and looking to make a push for better, safer and reliable car technology.

Of course we know now about self-parking cars and the like, but do we know how far we will go? Also how soon we might find out?

Some car companies are already making great strides in the field of self-driving cars. Google played a big role in this last year, teaming up with designers to develop their own vehicle that will rely on their already well established Google Maps program. Now other companies are throwing their hat into the ring.

Many of these companies have already decided as to how they plan on selling them as well. In a word, safety! Early studies have already shown that self-driving cars could lessen over 50% of all head on road collisions and could also play a role in lowering the chances of driver fatigue.

Another big stride in tech cars has come in the shape of ‘car syncing’. This concept will connect cars like never before, allowing compatible cars to sense one another on the road. This is again another safety feature and should lower the risk of accidents on roads.

Whilst you may say “this all seems very futuristic”, it’s a lot closer than you may think. Both technologies have entered some form of testing and have proven to work. This is great news for the future of driver safety.

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