A recent report regarding the use of speed cameras and general road safety was released earlier this month, looking into the role speed cameras play in road safety and accident prevention. As many know, the Baird Government made the promise to lower the amount of fixed speed cameras in NSW due to claims that they were ineffective in preventing reckless driving. This change was part of an operation to overhaul NSW roads and included other initiatives such as the changes to CTP regulations allowing for cheap greenslips. It also included major roadwork developments such as the WestConnex.

Since 2011, thirty four fixed speed cameras have been removed across NSW. So it was quite startling to discover that whilst the amount of fixed speed cameras had been lowered, the revenue raised from speeding fines has more than tripled in the last five years.

The report continued to look into how revenue could have been increasing, considering there were less speed cameras now on NSW roads. The report revealed that there had been an increase of 20 new red light cameras, as well as an increase of over 5 times the amount of hours a month where mobile speed cameras are being used.

The report has brought back the conversation of whether these cameras act as deterrents from reckless driving or are simply revenue raising implantations. There is little disagreement that red light cameras are important however the use of mobile speed cameras is still up for debate. Many claim they operate the same as fixed speed camera, you’re still notified you are approaching one and therefore slow down until you pass. So how can you benefit from not getting caught by speed cameras?

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