All of us at one time or another has forgotten where we put our car keys! The frustration of looking around, searching under cushions, accusing someone of moving them, we all know the feeling. Usually they end up being somewhere obvious enough to make you feel a tad bit foolish but what if you could avoid all of that? Well the good folks at Hyundai and Volvo are working on it!

Yes we already have keyless ignitions but what about keyless cars? Yes ladies and gentleman, it’s finally happening. Both Volvo and Hyundai are working on developing the first ever, personalised car key app and WOW, it looks awesome! Not only will the app be able to unlock your car but there are rumours saying that it will also include a timer function. This means you can set your car to unlock just as you are approaching it, without clicking a single button, get in and drive away.

The other key function that they hope to develop is said to be ‘car control’. This feature will allow you to pre-set everything in your car before you get in. Want to have you car ready for a warm drive home? Simply pre-set the vehicle to the temperature you want it! Want a certain set of songs to play on your next road trip and don’t want any of your friends or family messing with it? Create a playlist on your phone and set it for the trip, before anyone can change it!

Phil Lemieux of Marillion Insurance Brokers comments, "Technology like this is unbelievable! To think how far we’ve come and how quickly we’ve managed to do it! Any technology that can be used to enhance driving experience can only be a good thing. We can see this new tech playing a massive role in motor vehicle safety. The less mucking around we do with the air-con or music, the better. Whenever there is an increase to on road safety you can be sure to see an increase in the amount of cheaper CTP greenslip as well as third party and comprehensive motor insurance."

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