The NSW police will be working tirelessly this holiday period, to crack down on the increase in unsafe driving in the state. The RMS have already reported the increase of motorists on the road. The NSW police have issued statements explaining they will be looking to target both unsafe driving, as well as those driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.

Last year we saw minor improvements to the issues facing motorists on the roads. The MAA, now SIRA, last year reported a decrease in injuries that required claims against CTP insurers. This includes both fatal and non-fatal incidents. Sadly, greenslip claims have increased in 2015. The newly formed SIRA (which replaced the MAA) stated earlier this month that there has been a reasonable increase to claims on CTP insurances, sadly some of these included fatal incidents.

NSW roads minister, Mr Duncan Gay, stated that the procedures were not about taking money from motorists but rather protecting those on the roads. Mr Gay has strongly been behind the increase to mobile, on road, police setups.

What does this mean for motorists?

This holiday season motorists should be prepared to see more mobile safety cameras and RBT’s along both city roads and freeways. The NSW police have also resolved to increase the number of warning signs in the surrounding area, this is to ensure motorists are aware and correct any driving errors.

This time of year also provides important information regarding CTP greenslip pricing. The insurers compile all their claims and incident data over this period. From there they determine the pricing for each individual vehicle class. Vehicles, age groups and a multitude of other factors are assessed and new pricing is determined. This can either lead to cheaper greenslips or an increase, depending on the number of incidents per insurer.

When asked about the upcoming holiday period, Phil Lemieux the managing director of Marillion Insurance Brokers had the following to say:

"There is always a need for an increased police presence during this period to ensure safety throughout the state. With the number of people on the road during this time, motorists should be extremely cautious. Safe driving plays a pivotal role in sustaining cheap and affordable greenslips for NSW motorists."

Here at we also value the importance of safe driving. Our greenslips calculator has many important features that generate a cheap greenslip quote. One of our most important relates to the number of demerit points you have on your license. If zero, our calculator will generate a cheap CTP greenslip quote that reflects that.

So over this holiday period please be sure to drive safely and be aware of the increase police presence on NSW roads. If your CTP greenslip is up for renewal jump online and visit for a cheap greenslip quote.

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