Demerit Points Check and CTP Greenslips

Greenslips prices are determined on a range of criteria. Some greenslip insurers offer cheaper greenslips to drivers with a good driving history. If you have a 'clean' NSW drivers licence (i.e. with zero demerit points), you may be eligible for a 'zero demerit premium'.

If you have already obtained a quote from our greenslips calculator and confirmed that you have not lost any demerit points on your NSW Drivers Licence, you will be contacted for your drivers licence details. This information will be transmitted through the greenslip insurers system to the RMS who will then confirm that your demerit point status entitles you to the zero demerit premium.

If the RMS records do not correspond to the information provided, your greenslip premium may vary - at this point we will provide you with a revised premium, if applicable.

If you think the verification of your demerit point's status by the RMS is incorrect, you can check your exact demerit point status here.

Demerit Points Validation and Privacy Assurance

To provide you with the best possible premiums, greenslip insurers may need to collect some personal information. ValueGreenslips, as agents of greenslip insurers, fulfils greenslip insurers' assurances on their behalf. ValueGreenSlips would like to assure that your privacy will be protected during this process.

The request for personal information will be for the following purposes:

-Verify your current driving history in regard to "demerit" points status; and

-Determine your eligibility for a zero demerit premium.

The information collected will not be used for any other purpose, importantly:

-We will never store your driver licence information in our databases for any future use or reference.

-We will not disclose your driver licence information to any third party except greenslip insurers through their system and any other systems where eventually this information gets nullified after use.

Note: This statement has been prepared in accordance with National Privacy Principles which can be viewed at

Special Terms & Conditions - RTA Demerit Points Check

If the registered owner of the vehicle has a current NSW driver's licence, a greenslip Insurer may prompt us to request your permission to disclose your drivers license details to the RMS. This is done to verify your zero demerit status. If you want to obtain the zero demerit related greenslip premium, you will need to give your permission to an authorisation statement that may look as follows:

"I authorise the Roads and Traffic Authority to disclose to the relevant greenslip insurer my demerit point information for the sole purpose of the greenslip insurer determining the premium it should charge me. I understand that this will be done via a Yes or No confirmation and that the greenslip insurer will store this confirmation."

You may also receive a insurer's message from us if a greenslip insurer's system changes/rejects your quote as a result of mismatch between the information you provided us and the information stored in the RMS system. The messages may look as follows:

"Disclaimer: The greenslips quotes are based upon the details provided and the premium includes all levies and GST. Should any details change then the premium may also change accordingly. When you have applied for a greenslip quote with us, you have agreed with the terms and conditions. Please check our terms of use, terms and conditions, privacy and disclaimer statement listed on the bottom footer of our website. There may be penalties for incorrect, misleading or fraudulent information provided to us. If you have any further questions please contact us."