Real Time is a brand new collaboration between the major CTP Greenslip suppliers and the Road and Maritime Services (RMS formerly RTA). It is an initiative that is aiming to provide customers with a faster, easier and more accurate means of attaining and purchasing a Greenslip.

Previously customers were required to provide a large amount of information regarding the vehicle they wished to purchase CTP insurance for. This often involved a long process of manually entering all your vehicles details.

With Real Time that will no longer be an issue! The RMS will now automatically provide CTP insurers with the correct driver and vehicle details simply by using two pieces of information. So from now on, whenever you require a cheap CTP Greenslip, all you will need is you RMS Billing number (this can be found in the top right hand corner of your registration papers, often in a highlighted yellow box) and your Registration number (License plate). From there the insurer’s CTP systems will retrieve all the necessary data from the RMS. Not only will this speed up the process but also provide you with the most accurate price for your vehicle.

Here at Value Greenslips, we will have access to this fantastic new system. It will allow us to provide you, our valued customers, with an even quicker and more reliable means of purchasing a cheap Greenslip. If you proceed to the purchase page after receiving your quote, you will now be asked for your plate and billing number. If you don’t have your billing number, don’t worry, you can use your plate number or VIN number and driver’s license details instead.

Real time is a major improvement in how people purchase their Greenslips and will create a more efficient and competitive market for those looking for cheaper Greenslips. These changes will greatly benefit individuals and businesses looking to purchase their CTP insurance.

To find out just how much you can save in both time and dollars, head to for a cheap Greenslip quotation. As a leading supplier of CTP Greenslips, we look forward to showing you just how much of an improvement Real Time will be to you.

If you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to call us on 8999 1091. One of our friendly staff will be able to answer any questions you have.