NSW public transport remains the focus of improvement throughout the state, with government spending being used to created smoother riding buses, lightrail and train networks. For years NSW transport has been at the centre of much criticism and scrutiny. Over the past three months progress has ramped up over lightrail throughout Sydney’s inner west, as well as the northwest ‘Skyrail’.

The purpose of these developments is to allow people a cheaper and more reliable means of transport into the city. The secondary benefit is to alleviate the pressure on roads leading into and out of Sydney’s CBD.

The new lightrail network will pass through suburbs such as Lewisham and Dulwich Hill. These are generally suburbs that have relied on the use of buses and cars, as a means of day to day transport. This has increased congestion on main roads such as Parramatta road. The northwest Skyrail also seeks to reduce congestion on main roads, such as the M7, M2 and M4 motorways. This will be achieved by providing access to public transport in suburbs, which previously had no access to this service at all.

With less drivers on the road, the NSW government hopes to see a drop in on road accidents. This will have a direct impact on the price of CTP greenslips throughout NSW.

Due to Sydney’s dense population, a significant factor in how greenslips are priced is based on the rate of accidents and resulting claim costs that occur annually. Increased work to public transport and the access to different modes of transport, should see a decrease in the incident rate.

"Any opportunity to lower road congestion and on road accidents, should be welcomed by the general public. In particular, motorists should be excited, as this should see changes to the price of CTP greenslips. To achieve cheap greenslips for NSW motorists, a decrease of accidents and other CTP related incidents needs to occur. Hopefully the works by NSW transport can provide this.", says Phil Lemieux of Marillion Insurance Brokers.

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