The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have now brought in an easier registration renewal process for many older drivers, i.e. pensioners.

What does this mean?

Anything that makes the process of shopping around for a cheap NSW Greenslip, getting a safety check if required for your car or registering your car with the RMS is a good thing, especially for the older rivers who may be struggling with the new technologies that have been forced upon them for some time.

This means the RMS will automatically renew many of these pensioners vehicle’s registration, as long as the customer meets the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible for an automatic renewal?

To be eligible for an automatic renewal, a customer must meet the following three criteria:

1. Hold a current pension concession card at the time of the registration renewal.

2. Be entitled to a free registration as noted on the registration papers.

3. Ensure they have zero restrictions on their vehicle or their drivers licence.

This is a great initiative but only one vehicle can be nominated to receive the concession on the registration fee. The customer must still do the following to complete the registration process.

1. Buy a CTP greenslip, so it is recommended to keep shopping around and potentially save on your greenslip purchase using Value Greenslips.

2. If required, have their vehicle inspected as the local service station using their e-safety system.

3. Confirm their concession with the RMS.

Confirming your concession with the RMS is an important matter. Potentially setting and forgetting your car registration process is convenient but it is always recommended to check with the RMS to ensure that the automated process has worked because the consequences if things are not automated are significant. If the auto registration has not been recognised by the RMS for whatever reason, and the vehicle is not registered, you do not want to be caught driving an unregistered vehicle as you will pay a significant penalty as a result. Worse still, your CTP insurance is also not activated until your vehicle is registered leaving you unprotected should you have an incident involving your car. Phil Lemieux, director of Marillion Insurance Brokers, advises to please remain diligent and ensure all steps to register your car have been adhered to despite the automation.

Making the process simpler is a large step forward.