CTP Greenslip Zones

In New South Wales, greenslip prices are affected by your vehicle’s garaging post code. There are 5 zones identified by postcode for greenslip pricing in NSW. These are called the greenslip price guide zones.

The suburbs postcodes given below will help you to identify your relevant zone. Note that these zones are effective from 1 July 2003.

In most cases, the Metropolitan zone has the highest greenslip rates while the country zone has the lowest greenslip rates for a given vehicle and owner profile. These are exceptions to this. For example, country motorcycle greenslips may at times cost higher than metro. Pricing per vehicle type per zone are reviewed periodically and depend greatly on the risk profile for that particular zone. Number of accidents, number of persons injured, and total amount of claim are some factors that contribute to pricing per vehicle type per zone.

As of 17st June 2016, following a change by SIRA, insurers have applied a small change to the postcode mappings. Post code 2310 was removed from the Newcastle region, Post code 2899 was removed from the Country region, and a new set of exempt suburbs were added to post code 2756. The updates are reflected on the table below.

2000 – 2082 All Metro
2083 Bar Point Newcastle/Central Coast
Brooklyn Metro
Cheero Point Newcastle/Central Coast
Cogra Bay Newcastle/Central Coast
Dangar Island Metro
Milsons Passage Newcastle/Central Coast
Mooney Mooney Newcastle/Central Coast
2084 – 2234 All Metro
2250 – 2309 All Newcastle/Central Coast
2311 – 2312 All Country
2314 – 2327 All Newcastle/Central Coast
2328 – 2490 All Country
2500 – 2526 All Wollongong
2527 – 2529 All Country
2530 All Wollongong
2532 – 2551 All Country
2555 – 2559 All Metro
2560 Airds Metro
Ambarvale Metro
Appin Outer Metro
Blair Athol Metro
Bradbury Metro
Campbelltown Metro
Campbelltown North Metro
Cataract Metro
Englorie Park Metro
Gilead Metro
Glen Alpine Metro
Kentlyn Metro
Leumeah Metro
Macarthur Square Metro
Rosemeadow Metro
Ruse Metro
St Helens Park Metro
Wedderburn Metro
Woodbine Metro
2561 – 2567 All Metro
2568 – 2574 All Outer Metro
2575 – 2739 All Country
2745 – 2749 All Metro
2750 Emu Heights Outer Metro
Emu Plains Outer Metro
Jamisontown Metro
Leonay Outer Metro
Penrith Metro
Penrith Plaza Metro
Penrith South Metro
South Penrith Metro
2751 All Metro
2752 All Outer Metro
2753 Agnes Banks Metro
Bowen Mountain Outer Metro
Grose Vale Outer Metro
Grose Wold Outer Metro
Hobartville Metro
Londonderry Metro
Richmond Metro
Richmond Lowlands Metro
Yarramundi Outer Metro
2754 – 2755 All Outer Metro
2756 Bligh Park Metro
Cattai Metro
Central Colo Outer Metro
Clarendon Metro
Colo Outer Metro
Colo Heights Outer Metro
Cornwallis Metro
Cumberland Reach Outer Metro
Ebenezer Outer Metro
Freemans Reach Outer Metro
Glossodia Outer Metro
Lower Portland Outer Metro
Maroota Metro
Mcgraths Hill Metro
Mellong Metro
Mulgrave Metro
Pitt Town Metro
Pitt Town Bottoms Metro
Sackville Outer Metro
Sackville North Outer Metro
Scheyville Metro
South Maroota Metro
South Windsor Metro
Upper Colo Outer Metro
Wilberforce Outer Metro
Windsor Metro
Windsor Downs Metro
Womerah Metro
2757 – 2758 All Outer Metro
2759 – 2770 All Metro
2773 – 2786 All Outer Metro
2787 – 2914 All Country