CTP Greenslips by State

All motor vehicles in Australia are required to have a mandatory CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance before it can be registered and legally be driven on the road. Registration of a motor vehicle is not possible unless greenslip insurance is taken out and paid by you either before or along with your registration fees. NOTE: CTP greenslip (NSW) and CTP Certificate (QLD)

In New South Wales and Queensland motor vehicle owners can choose a greenslip insurer. The choice normally is based on price because the policy covers are often similar. Motor vehicle owners in the rest of the states of Australia pay their Compulsory Third Party Insurance as part of their vehicle registration fee.

Each state has a different process in place for greenslip insurance:

New South Wales

Various insurance companies provides greenslip insurance and often have different prices. The governing body for greenslips is the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (previously the Motor Accidents Authority). Check the SIRA website to find out more about greenslips in this state.


Queensland operates a common law 'fault' based Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme. CTP Certificate prices vary amongst insurers and the governing body is the Motor Accident Insurance Commission. Check the website of Motor Accident Insurance Commission for CTP Certificates.


Motorists in Victoria must pay, as part of their vehicle registration, a transport accident charge (insurance fee) for their motor vehicle. When the transport accident charge is paid the owner/driver of a Victorian registered vehicle is considered 'insured' by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). This greenslip insurance covers owners of Victorian motor vehicles for the injury or death of a third party caused by their vehicle.

The governing body is Transport Accident Commission. For further information visit the VIC Roads website and the Transport Accident Commission website.

Australian Capital Territory

NRMA Insurance and GIO Insurance are the sole providers of greenslip insurance in ACT . Please visit the ACT Department of Treasury website to find out more information on greenslip insurance.


The Motor Accidents Insurance Board issues policies for CTP in Tasmania. Check the Motor Accidents Insurance Board website to find out further details on greenslip insurance.

Southern Australia

Motor Accident Commission is the governing body but greenslip claims are managed by Allianz Australia. Check the greenslip information at SA Motor Accident Commission website.

Western Australia

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia is the governing body. Check the greenslip Information on their website.

Northern Territory

Territory Insurance Office (TIO) (Motor Accidents Compensation Department) act as the administrator for the NT Government's motor vehicle accident compensation scheme. Check the TIO website to find out further information on greenslip insurance.