Renew Your CTP Greenslip

When you get your CTP green slip renewal, you want to ensure you are receiving Value for Money at all times from the insurance market.

Did you know that greenslip prices change on a routine basis, as initiated by insurers, sometimes as often as 6 times a year based on updated insurer risk criteria, appetite and market intelligence. As insurers do revise their prices based on their appetite for age of vehicles, age of drivers, driving history and garaging post codes, your current provider may not offer at renewal the most cost effective CTP green slip premium.

Your CTP green slip renewal will always coincide with your vehicle registration due date as it is a requirement to complete your vehicle registration.

The greenslip will be linked to your vehicle at the time of registering your car with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). This is different to your car insurance where your car insurance due date is independent of your greenslip and registration process.

It is worth noting that a CTP Green Slip renewal is not effective until the vehicle is registered. In other words, your CTP Green slip does not offer any insurance protection if the car to which it is intended is not registered with the RMS. It is strongly recommended that you organise your greenslip and register your vehicle prior to the registration due date. Please also note that fines relating to driving an unregistered vehicle in NSW exceeds $500.

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