Compare Cheap CTP Greenslips

In NSW, there are 6 licensed insurance companies that offer greenslip. As a result, the greenslip market is quite competitive and a lot of people want to compare Greenslip prices ensuring they get a cheap price. The Roads and Maritime Services would of course like to see more insurers participate in the CTP Greenslip scheme in order to further increase competition and ultimately reduce premiums.

To make your quoting process easier and compare your CTP renewal price, please call us on 1300 659 608. We can provide you with a cheap CTP greenslip quote in minutes and get you back on the road in no time!

Greenslip insurance prices are set by insurers and are governed by the strict requirements as set by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (Previously by the Motor Accidents Authority). Within these guidelines, insurers will set their rates in accordance with their own specific insurance appetite. The greenslip policy is also issued by the insurance companies in New South Wales.

Being able to buy a greenslip is a task that our online greenslips quote calculator makes easy, and we have been doing this successfully since our inception in 2008.

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Remember - you should also consider whether you require any additional insurances for your vehicle and obtain helpful information from your agent or insurer.