Business and Fleet CTP Green Slips

Since Value Greenslips was founded, we have gone from strength to strength to become a reputable distributor of business and fleet greenslips. Over the years, Value Greenslips has successfully provided competitively-priced greenslip insurance to businesses with multiple vehicles in NSW. Read on to see why thousands of Australian businesses favour our services the most when it comes to providing cover for their fleets.

Managing a business can be complicated, but thanks to the hands-on assistance you will receive from our team of dedicated professionals, you can be assured that greenslip policies will be one less thing to worry about. If your business has five or more vehicles, simply fax your vehicle details to 02 9008 1106 and we will endeavour to give you a quote within 30 minutes. It’s that easy.

The prices are always determined by the insurers and constantly regulated by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (previously Motor Accidents Authority) of NSW. They do, however, tend to be discounted for fleets. Various insurers are more specialised in dealing with fleets than others and Value Greenslips has selected the best one for you.

As always, it is prudent to ensure you shop around and get a cost effective price for your bus or truck’s greenslip. Value Greenslips is happy to help you with this process. Speak to one of our friendly staff on 1300 659 608.