Greenslips for Buses and Trucks

Greenslips for buses a trucks in NSW are often used by business customers with one vehicle, a small of vehicles or even a large fleet of vehicles.

Our fleet customers tell us that they enjoy low priced greenslip quotes for their bus and truck and they are delighted to do business with Value GreenSlips as they are saving money.

Bus greenslips quotations are determined based on the bus’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). It used to be also assessed based on the number of seats available for carrying passengers.

You should be aware that for a vehicle up to 8 seats, such as a mini bus (e.g. a Toyota Tarago) is not considered a bus under the greenslip classification system but rather a Motor Car under the Motor Accident Authority CTP classification.

Truck greenslip quotes are determined based on the shape and GVM of the Truck. Common truck shapes are TT (table top), TTF (table top with fittings), TPR (tipper), and PMV (primemover). These trucks can range from a light trucks (goods carrying) a little over 4.5T GVM, to primemovers over 20T in GVM.

As always, it is prudent to ensure you shop around and get a cost effective price for your bus or truck’s greenslip. Value Greenslips is happy to help you with this process. Speak to one of our friendly staff on 1300 659 608, we're happy to assist you!