Public Transport to Save Motorists Dollars

NSW public transport remains the focus of improvement throughout the state, with government spending being used to created smoother riding buses, lightrail and train networks. For years NSW transport has been at the centre of much criticism and scrutiny. Over the past three months progress has ramped up over lightrail throughout Sydney’s inner west, as well as the northwest ‘Skyrail’.

The purpose of these developments is to allow people a cheaper and more reliable means of transport into the city. The secondary benefit is to alleviate the pressure on roads leading into and out of Sydney’s CBD.[...]

Smart Phone Sensation

All of us at one time or another has forgotten where we put our car keys! The frustration of looking around, searching under cushions, accusing someone of moving them, we all know the feeling. Usually they end up being somewhere obvious enough to make you feel a tad bit foolish but what if you could avoid all of that? Well the good folks at Hyundai and Volvo are working on it!

Yes we already have keyless ignitions but what about keyless cars? Yes ladies and gentleman, it’s finally happening. Both Volvo and Hyundai are working on developing the first ever, personalised car key app and WOW, it looks awesome! [...]

Thank you, bad drivers!

It’s a strange thing to read, that’s for sure, but a recent move from the NSW government could see us saying a big thank you to all those careless drivers out there. Of course we are not talking drivers that cause massive incidents on our roads! No, we are talking about those silly drivers who though they would go 10km over the speed limit in front of a speed camera.

So why are we saying thank you again? Well, due to a decision by the NSW government, hundreds of millions of dollars raised through safety cameras and other fines will be put toward increasing on road safety. That’s right, the NSW government has finally decided that the revenue raised by unsafe driving, needs to go into stopping unsafe driving![...]

WestConnex: The Saga Continues

When the NSW government proposed and pushed through this this significant infrastructure development, we're not too sure they were prepared for what was to follow. What was meant to be an expansion of the roads system, linking Sydney’s west and inner west to the CBD in streamlined fashion, has since become a saga that could rival Star Wars!

The plan to connect Sydney’s west to the CBD will soon be very much underway, yet still issues and protests continue to emerge. Previous arguments have discussed how it will impact suburbs and their local streets, such as suburbs in the inner west. [...]

Tech Cars, the future is closer than you think!

Today we live in a fast paced world, where phones go out of fashion faster than clothes! A world where you can sync your devices to your phones, television and wrists. We have grown accustomed to this and constantly need more and more technology. That’s why car companies are on board and looking to make a push for better, safer and reliable car technology.

Of course we know now about self-parking cars and the like, but do we know how far we will go? Also how soon we might find out?[...]

Driver Data Being Retained

In another move toward criminal prevention through the use of technology, the RMS have shown interest in joining the large number of government agencies that are sharing customer data. This is better known as ‘metadata’ and you’ve probably heard it used a fair bit recently. Basically it is online information that is stored when someone uses any of the government’s online platforms. The initiative is set to assist major policing agencies, such as the AFP, in gathering evidence in criminal investigations.[...]

Christmas Caution: be covered this holiday period

It’s that time of year again, the holiday period is upon us. A time for family, friends and fun but remember the road can be a dangerous place during this time. NSW road incidents increase severely during this period of time, so it is important to make sure that you and your vehicle are covered.

With many people on the roads, it is good to make sure your CTP and insurances are up to date. Don’t hold off on renewing your CTP till after the holiday period. Studies have shown time and time again that the holiday period sees the biggest increase in motorist on the roads[...]

Safety Blitz these Holidays

The NSW police will be working tirelessly this holiday period, to crack down on the increase in unsafe driving in the state. The RMS have already reported the increase of motorists on the road. The NSW police have issued statements explaining they will be looking to target both unsafe driving, as well as those driving under the influence of both alcohol and drugs.

Last year we saw minor improvements to the issues facing motorists on the roads. The MAA, now SIRA, last year reported a decrease in injuries that required claims against CTP insurers[...]

Real Time Implementation: Real Time, Really Easy

Real Time is a brand new collaboration between the major CTP Greenslip suppliers and the Road and Maritime Services (RMS formerly RTA). It is an initiative that is aiming to provide customers with a faster, easier and more accurate means of attaining and purchasing a Greenslip

Previously customers were required to provide a large amount of information regarding the vehicle they wished to purchase CTP insurance for. This often involved a long process of manually entering all your vehicles details[...]

State Insurance Regulatory Authority: A new government organisation

As of the 1st September 2015 a new government body was established, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority. This organisation assumed the role of three different insurance regulators, these were the MAA (Motor Accidents Authority), Workcover and the Home Building regulatory body.

The body was introduced to speed up efficiency across the three areas of Government regulated insurances. This was part of a budget scheme introduced by the NSW Minister for Finance, Dominic Perrottet, to reduce the cost of insurance premiums (such as CTP greenslips) and provide more support to those injured whilst working. It would also allow room for insurers to sell cheaper greenslips[...]

Streamlining the Process for Purchasing a New South Wales Greenslip – Making it easier

An article in the Sun Herald – “Insurers to access car details for Greenslips”, 2 November, 2014 has caught the attention of many New South Wales motorists over the weekend.

It shares the initiatives of insurers requesting access to the Roads and Maritime Services information for the purposes of quoting Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Greenslips to private and business vehicle owners.

The article mentions the concerns of vehicle owners having their private information made available to insurers for yet another purpose[...]

New Rules of Engagement for CTP Insurers and their Agents

Effective 1 November 2014, new rules of engagement govern the way in which Licensed Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Greenslip insurers and their agents are expected to participate in the New South Wales Greenslip scheme. These new rules are captured in the updated Market Practices Guidelines which have been in effect since 2009

Although the guidelines are not new, the intentions of the new and updated version are to articulate and enhance the levels of services to be offered to the customer within the application of the CTP Scheme in New South Wales by licensed insurers and their agents. The new version is to encourage flexibility in the provision of services, as well as to allow for further innovation by insurers within the scheme whilst enhancing competitiveness within a level playing field[...]

Proposed delay at Traffic Lights could save lives and save Greenslip costs

A New South Wales coroner has called for an improvement in the management of traffic lights and in particular, introducing a slight delay in the current synchronisation of traffic lights governing both vehicular passage and safe pedestrian passage. The coroner claims that this will save lives in the state.

Why is this important to New South Wales motorists?[...]

Making Registration Renewals easier for many drivers

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have now brought in an easier registration renewal process for many older drivers, i.e. pensioners.

What does this mean?

Anything that makes the process of shopping around for a cheap NSW Greenslip, getting a safety check if required for your car or registering your car with the RMS is a good thing, especially for the older rivers who may be struggling with the new technologies that have been forced upon them for some time.[...]

Reserve Bank announcement – How does this affect the price of your Greenslip?

Will your Greenslip now cost more as a result of the reserve bank announcement yesterday?

As you are now no doubt aware, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced at 2.30pm on 4 Feb 2015 that there would be a softening of monetary policy and a decision that the official interest rate would be reduced by 0.25% (or 25 basis points) to an all-time record low of 2.25%.[...]

Speed Cameras, providing savings for Greenslips

A recent report regarding the use of speed cameras and general road safety was released earlier this month, looking into the role speed cameras play in road safety and accident prevention. As many know, the Baird Government made the promise to lower the amount of fixed speed cameras in NSW due to claims that they were ineffective in preventing reckless driving. This change was part of an operation to overhaul NSW roads and included other initiatives such as the changes to CTP regulations allowing for cheap greenslips. It also included major roadwork developments such as the WestConnex.

Since 2011, thirty four fixed speed cameras have been removed across NSW. So it was quite startling to discover that whilst the amount of fixed speed cameras had been lowered, the revenue raised from speeding fines has more than tripled in the last five years[...]

What your CTP Greenslip provides

What exactly is a CTP Greenslip?

A greenslip is a compulsory third party insurance policy in NSW. It is an insurance policy that provides accident protection for those involved in an incident. It provides protection/compensation for those who have been injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident.

What does it cover?

It only covers those who have been injured or killed as a result of a motor accident. This includes drivers, riders, pedestrians, cyclists, passengers and the driver of a third party vehicle. It does not cover any damage to your vehicle or the third parties vehicle. It will in some instances cover the driver at fault however this must be due to a terrible injury[...]

Can I pay for my Greenslip monthly?

At we get asked the question, “Can I pay for my greenslip on a monthly basis?”on a frequent basis.

“At Value Greenslips, we would love to offer this facility to clients” says Phil Lemieux, Managing Director at Marillion Insurance Brokers. “As people always compare greenslip prices over the internet to secure a cheap, or the cheapest rate, providing an automated facility to allow customers to pay for their greenslips by the month would be ideal and assist customers in managing their cash flow a little better”.[...]

Why are CTP Greenslips so expensive?

Having been in the CTP Greenslips game for over 20 years, Phil Lemieux from Marillion Insurance Brokers is well placed to answer the question: “Why are CTP Greenslips so expensive in New South Wales”. “This is a valid question and one that comes up very often and it is important for people to understand why their compulsory third party insurance is priced the way it is.” Phil mentions.

“To answer the question” Phil comments, “is to have an understanding of what macro elements driving the cost on CTP Greenslips generally. Many of these elements are also applicable to the pricing of insurance generally, not necessarily just CTP[...]

Driving History and Greenslip Prices

There are several factors affecting the price of greenslips. Driving history is one of them. Drivers who have zero demerits on their licence, or who have clean driving record, in general getting better greenslip prices.[...]